Saturday, July 23, 2016

Thank you and a note to all the Zazzlers who send collections

I want to thank all of you awesome Zazzle designers who send your cool collections in to this blog and make it an interesting shopping list! Did you know that while I am checking out your cool stuff I am also sharing your collections to my Pinterest boards and Google+ groups? And I am sharing them straight from this blog so that your referral id stays intact and you will get the referral from any sale generated by that link. Also when time allows I plan to visit your Zazzle product pages and share individual products from there with my referral id so that you can get the sale and I can get the referral for promoting your product. I encourage you to use this site in the same way, and in addition to sending your collections and sharing links to this blog, that when you are looking for other people's products to promote you come here and browse the collections and then click through to the product page and share it from there to include your ref id. (make sure you are logged in to Zazzle before you share or your referral id isn't included). Well anyway thanks again for sending in so many amazing collections and best wishes to you all for lots of sales and referrals!


  1. Thank you for hosting! I love it and looking for ways to cross pollinate across all the different platforms. I am having so much fun creating products on Zazzle and it is a great community.
    MyTown aka Jig

    1. I couldn't agree with you more! I heart Zazzle too!